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Project 2020 Tero Foundation : Project 2025

Concept of Our Project 2025 India is to adopt several villages for their Holistic Development and Growth. We plan to adopt 500 villages of Gujarat State.

How We Go ?

Project 2025 - How We Go ?

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Tero Foundation, USA

How We Go

  • Identify and select the Villages to make them Adarsh Gram - Through - Open invitation on Web, approaching district collectors and other officials and NGO partners
  • Engage with the community in the village, propagate the values of the project, and Initiate start-up activities to build up the right environment
  • Conduct the baseline survey and Need Assessment
  • Facilitate the planning process, Facilitation of village level plan preparation, Strategic Planning 
  • Prioritisation of Interventions, Converging the relevant Government Schemes, Coordination of scheme implementation across line departments
  • Partnership with different bodies – NGOs, communities, government departments, political bodies, Philanthropists, donors, media etc.
  • Review of progress on a monthly basis and reporting to our Head Quarter as well as on Web for individual villages and to the State and Central Governments.
  • Adherence to grievance redressal and proactive disclosure norms laid down by the respective scheme guidelines
  • Arrangement of frequent site visits to assess progress.
  • Communication on Web, on Social Sites, to Philanthropists and to the media

Our Approach

We will use the Public-Private-People-Philanthropists-Partnership (5P) model. Partnerships are key drivers in our work with communities. Our project will involve collaborations with elected bodies, government, NGOs, communities and Philanthropists. The 5P model will helps us impart a greater degree of sustainability to our programme. We will partner with central and state government schemes for our interventions as and where possible, and bring in NGO and Philanthropist partners for implementation. Networking and forging alliances will facilitate innovation and speedy implementation, as well as avoiding duplication of activities, time, energy and resources. This approach enables sustainable impact.

Development in Village - We Envisaged

  • School and other Educational Institutes
  • Libraries
  • Clean Drinking Water
  • Transportation and Road Connectivity
  • 24/7 Electricity - Solar and Wind Energy
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Small Banking and Insurance
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Diversified Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
  • Increased livelihoods
  • Employment opportunities
  • Reduction in distress migration
  • Freedom from bonded labour, child labour and manual scavenging
  • 100% registration of deaths and births
  • Evolution of alternate dispute resolution system acceptable to all sections of the community
  • Peace and Harmony