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Project 2020 Tero Foundation : Project 2025

Concept of Our Project 2025 India is to adopt several villages for their Holistic Development and Growth. We plan to adopt 500 villages of Gujarat State.

Adopt a School Program

Adopt a School Program (ASP-II)

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Vision and Mission :

The future of India depends upon the quality of education imparted to our children. We have more than 51,000 Schools in the state of Gujarat. We believe that it is the joint responsibility of the Government and citizens to improve our school education, to provide incentives like mid-day meals, improve school infrastructure including state of the art information technology to all the Government schools or other schools in our state.
Over 90% of the budget for School Education in Gujarat is spent on salaries to Government primary and secondary school teachers and as grant-in-aid to aided institutions, leaving very little for development of infrastructure in government schools.  There are an estimated 2.5 million children who are not enrolled or dropped out from schools and, even as efforts are being made to bring them to school, the need for additional resources has been growing rapidly.
Our approach is to transforming school education in Gujarat by the active involvement of donors, non-government organizations and corporate sectors through our “ADOPT A SCHOOL PROGRAM” under “MISSION SHIKSHIT GUJARAT”, which we are planning to launch at the beginning of the year 2016.
Under this program the donors can select any school and prepare a ‘program of action’ for a specific period for the all-round development of the school or select specific areas of intervention aimed at improving the educational system of the school.  Tero Foundation and will help them in implementation of the action plan.  The following is a suggestive list of priority actions that can be considered by potential donors under the “ADOPT A SCHOOL PROGRAM”:

  • Provision of water and toilet facilities to the school separately for boys and girls.
  • Construction and renovation of existing building.
  • Provision for developing school garden, fencing or compound wall.
  • Provision of equipment and furniture.
  • Providing computers/funding for computer training of students.
  • Strengthening of Laboratory and Library.
  • Developing of playground/provision of play materials
  • Training of teachers to improve quality of teaching
  • Training of students to develop various skills, leadership, etc.
  • Sponsoring students/ teachers for educational visits/sports meets.
  • Adopting girl children/SC-ST and minority children.
  • Sponsoring cultural, literary and scientific activities in the school
  • Giving scholarship to needy students.
  • Providing nutritional food as mid-day meals to children,
  • Adoption of slums near the school.
  • Encouraging vocational job oriented activities as part of co-curricular activities.
  • Adoption of orphans studying in the school.
  • Taking up at least one activity-scout and guides, sevadal, Junior Red Cross, NCC, Science Clubs, Environmental awareness camps, citizenship training camps, etc.
  • Running Balawadis for Pre-school children.
  • Taking up Remedial classes for first generation and economically and socially backward children.
  • Involving parents in development activities of the school.

School Adoption Program

Constitute the activities mentioned below. Your contributions will be used to build India’s Children-India’s future in schools in the area of

  • Student sponsorship
  • Drinking water and sanitation
  • Building school infrastructure
  • Maintenance of playgrounds
  • Upgrading libraries, laboratories, and computer labs
  • Encouraging parental and community participation
  • Personality and leadership development programs
  • Capacity building.
  • Incentive based programs- mid-day meals
  • Co- curricular activities like science exhibitions, health camps etc;

What You Can Do

We earnestly request you to make quality school education a reality in India. If you would like to Adopt-a-School, please contact us by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will help match you with a school profile.

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