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Project 2020 Tero Foundation : Project 2025

Concept of Our Project 2025 India is to adopt several villages for their Holistic Development and Growth. We plan to adopt 500 villages of Gujarat State.


Country Calling...

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Country Calling....
Let Us Give Back to Our Roots....

Raman Patel
Dear Diaspora Friends,

Charity begins at home, so the adage goes. And philanthropy too begins at home, so say I.

Philanthropy, I often confused it with charity. Then Wikipedia told me that not all charity is philanthropy or vice versa. That charity relieves the pains of social problems, whereas philanthropy attempts to solve the problems at their root causes (the difference between giving hungry man a bread, and teaching him how to earn a bread for himself).

It was opportune to visit my country, India, recently few days before this COVID-19 outbreak and one word came to mind every now and then; “Indians ought to be philanthropists.” And especially we in the Diaspora. Of the few Indians in the Diaspora I have interacted with; their country is the last place they want to go back to.  Our leadership one of the best in the world and doing well. Our country is Blooming. But still the poor remain poor, or even become poorer as the rich swim in riches, and things will be worse when COVID-19 outbreak will subside and dragon of Economic Slowdown will ready to swallow us all. This is the same country we need to give back to, regardless.

We have Indians with great minds, but their ideas get buried in the ground. Pessimist ask “what makes you think you are the first one to come up with this? This is India man, that can’t work!” That is a dream killed, fact is that it has never worked, and then everyone conceives it never will. A poor village boy is making an invention that needs funding, and then gets a response like “we’ll look into that and contact you.” That is the end. A needy bright student will miss out on education when someone’s sitting allowance alone is enough to cater for his/her education at all levels. A rich parent will pay for their child to take an opportunity meant for the needy child; it is crazy. That’s why we need to give back to our country.

When it comes to giving back, most people think they must be into politics. That’s not so. We all know what is happening in our societies. We can’t run away. We can’t just close our eyes and pretend that nothing is happening. Waiting for our politicians to bring change is waiting for eternity. We must be the change initiators in our country. Let us not just complain and condemn, but do something. What do you think as an individual can be done to better the situation you do not like? It could have a small beginning, but the impact will be great in the long run.

For instance, both you and I know that the girl child is deemed the weakest in the society. No one really gets concerned if she doesn’t do well in the science subjects, after all she is a girl. I sought opportunities to speak to the ladies in schools and let them know that nothing is impossible. That they should dream bigger and work for it, they can be whoever they want to be and forget about the definition the society has given them.

No one loves begging I know, but I can see in near future after this COVID-19 Outbreak and then Economic Slowdown many persons will be forced to go in the street begging for money. Robbers will use their creativity to steal from innocent people in the name of begging. We should have a system, something like a rehab where those with completely nothing in the society will be put and given something to do rather than begging. Just to mention but a few.

There are so many issues and few more will arise, problems in our society that need to be addressed. No one will do that if we all sit down and point fingers. Nothing will change if we only make wishes and do nothing. India is all ours and no one needs to pay us to develop it. I think we need no more charity, but lasting solutions. We in the Diaspora have seen much and wished it was the same in our country. It could not be that perfect, but something could be done to better it if we start small. We should not only invest in the country for our own interests, but aim at changing lives and the country at large. Find the needy, reach out to them. Inject good leadership skills from the grass root level, share what you know with the society, and help someone get somewhere better. It is all possible, if we choose to do it.

So dearest Indian brothers and sisters, let us not forsake our motherland. She needs us more than we can imagine, and any little input will help steer her growth to greater heights. Let us give back to our country in any way possible, so we can look back and smile rather than lament when we did nothing to better it. Peace

Raman Patel, CEO


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